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17 Jul - 16 Aug 2019

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Mon 22 Jul - Sat 10 Aug 2019


This trip to England and Ireland will be primarily focused on music outreach. We will be swing dancing throughout cities and at specific locations while sharing the message of Jesus with those we come across.

The total cost of this trip is $2560

The first deposit of $600 is due on March 24

Fri 19 Jul - Fri 2 Aug 2019


During our trip to the Dominican Republic, we will primarily be partnering with a Jesus Mission and sharing the message of Jesus while spending time with the youth and teaching youth how to skateboard, among other things.

A deposit of $800 is due on March 24
The total cost of this trip is $1565

Mon 12 - Fri 16 Aug 2019


Joni & Friends is a ministry that is focused on partnering with those who are disabled during a summer camp. The camp is located at Twin Rocks in Rockaway Beach, OR.

Family Cost:
$420 for the 1st adult (18 and up)
$300 per family member (ages 9 and up)
$170 per family member (ages 3 – 8)
Family members under 3 years old are free.
Volunteer Cost: $435 per person

Please make sure that you sign up through their website:

Fri 26 Jul - Sat 10 Aug 2019


“To know God, and to make Him known” is the goal of Youth With A Mission, the organization we will be coming alongside during our mission to the incredibly vibrant city of Hong Kong! We are going to be joining up with ministries that involve hospitality, and will be participating in prayer and intercession as well as evangelism in the community. Our objective while in the city is not only to reach out and bless people who don’t yet know Jesus’ love, but to also support and encourage His disciples already working hard to share the gospel!

We will be working with kids at local schools, reaching out to the homeless community, visiting refugees at their homes, meeting strangers in markets and praying with them, interceding for Hong Kong and its people, and evangelizing to young men and women trapped in prostitution. This trip may not be suited for young high school aged kids and younger children, because of the nature of some of the ministries we hope to be part of. What we are really looking for are people who are flexible, and open hearted, with the mindset of sharing the joy and peace God provides!

This particular mission is going to cost about $1380 per person to go, this is including airfare, food, lodging, transportation, etc. We will be flying out on July 26th, and returning August 10th. Come partner with us this summer to bring testimonies of Jesus’ love and grace to Hong Kong!

Wed 17 - Thu 25 Jul 2019


Every summer the Kids Ministry at Calvary Fellowship puts on a Vacation Bible School for the local community. In order to make this even amazing, we need all the help we can get! So if you are looking for a free and local mission, we are teaming up the week before and week of VBS to promote, decorate, facilitate and clean up after it's all over.

Cost for this mission is free and will be located at Calvary Fellowship.

Prices are in USD.

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